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Quantified Self Institute (QSI) has been enabling research on tools and methods of self tracking – including barriers and facilitators – since 2012. QSI strives for co-creation of QS methods and techniques aimed at self-reliance (i.e. prevention, self-management and lifestyle interventions). In cooperation with the Center of Expertise Healthy Ageing, professorships and schools at Hanze UAS we seek out ways of using QS to foster healthy ageing.

Since the establishment of QSI the scientific work of the institute has been focused on the ‘Big Five for a Healthy Life’, which encompasses physical activity & sports, food & drinks, sleep & rest, stress and social interaction. The body of knowledge that has  been created based on this research path will be indispensable in the quest for finding ways in which QS can be of value for healthy ageing.

Are you looking for a full service research partner that can help you with a Quantified Self (QS) project? Then don’t look further. Together with our strong network of Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen (Hanze UAS) professorships and partner institutions we have the knowledge and experience to make it happen. Please refer to the projects below to get an idea of the kind of applied research we are currently enabling. Moreover, we are guest editing a volume of Methods of Information in Medicine on single subject design at the moment. More information about this exciting new step will be provided as soon as possible.

My Santé Mobile

In cooperation with QSI, IDS Santé started a longterm real-life study within its My Santé Mobile division about connected health in 2013. My Santé Mobile gathered 1000 French volunteers during six months to measure the [...]


The living lab diabetes at Hanze UAS is working on an app that paves the way for a healthier lifestyle. The lead partner in the project is Tizin. In addition to Tizin, there will be [...]

Active Ageing Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is the most common illness in the Netherlands. At this moment close to one million people in the Netherlands suffer from diabetes and this number is growing steadily. An ageing population is one cause, [...]

Het Nieuwe Gezonde Werken

Stimuleren van gezond werken en gezond leven De Hanzehogeschool Groningen vindt het stimuleren van gezond werken en gezond leven belangrijk. Er is daarom besloten mee te doen aan het project Het Nieuwe Gezonde Werken van [...]