Applied Research
Quantified Self Institute (QSI) has been enabling research on tools and methods of self tracking – including barriers and facilitators – since 2012. The scientific work of QSI is based on the “Big Five for a Healthy Life“, which encompasses physical activity & sports, food & drinks, sleep & rest, stress and social interaction. Are you looking for a full service research partner that can help you with a Quantified Self (QS) project? Then don’t look further. Together with our strong network of Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen (Hanze UAS) professorships and partner institutions we have the knowledge and experience to make it happen. Please consult our Applied Research page for more information and examples of our research projects.

The extensive and highly practical knowledge that we have gained from years of QS research is of great value to students worldwide. We teach local and international students about the tools and methods of self tracking, making them more aware of QS and preparing them to become health care professionals of the future. Currently, we are involved in the following educational programmes at Hanze UAS: Minor in Global Health & Quantified Self, Minor in Healthy Ageing and the Global Health, Quantified Self Summerschool and the Honours Minor in Research Skills. For more information on our teaching activities please refer to the Education page

Knowledge Transfer
There is great potential for the use of QS in businesses. For example, nowadays, QS is being used as an innovative health tool by HR departments worldwide. Therefore, we are dedicated to crossing the threshold between the academic and the business world by transferring our knowledge. We do this by advising businesses on QS and giving lectures.
Moreover, we offer our services to other educational institutions that aim to develop their own QS curricula. We also organize public events and aim to launch our very own QS Journal. Please refer to our Knowledge Transfer page for more information.