The PhD research Quantified Self @Work focuses on the use of technology to enhance health and well-being of employees and sustainable employability. Investment into sustainable employability has advantages for both employees and employers. By means of wearable sensor technology, employees can obtain objective data about their health behaviour over time.

Central in this project are tracking of health behaviour by employees (quantified self) and ownership of personal health data by the employee only. Wearable sensor technology in combination with persuasive eCoaching has the advantage that employees can receive feedback on their health behaviour automatically at the right moment with the right personally relevant information.

Underpinned, generalisable knowledge on the use of wearable sensor technology and persuasive eCoaching for this specific group of users is limited. Therefore, this research aims to gain knowledge about the development, implementation and effectiveness of interventions combining wearable sensor technology and persuasive eCoaching to enhance a healthy lifestyle among employees.

Obtained knowledge will be published in international scientific journals and in a dissertation. This PhD-project is the result of a collaboration between the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, University of Twente and health insurance company Menzis.