The Kilimanjaro is a popular albeit difficult mountain to climb. A team from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences climbed the ‘Kili’. Because it is fun, and to raise funds for charities in Kenya. Some of the members of the team used Quantified Self tools.

Valesca van Dijk, program manager with QSI: “During the expedition the participants will be wearing at Fitbit, an advanced pedometer which registers the degree of movement and estimates the amount of calories burned. Besides this heart rate and stress levels can be measured using smartphone-apps, and the participants can, if they want to, log what they eat and drink, as well as how much and how well they sleep.”

Giving insight into constitution and progress and therefore adding to the training is one of the effects of the use of QS-devices during the preparatory phase. Agnes Schilder, part of the ‘Kili-team’ through the Academy of Social Studies says: “Since I received the Fitbit I have worn it with me day-to-day. Right from the start competition arose between the members of the expedition, because we all shared our data via social media.”