1701, 2017

Are employees open to wearables in the workplace?

Aniek Lentferink is currently conducting a PhD research project called Quantified Self @Work, a collaboration between Quantified Self Institute, Hanze UAS, the University of Twente, and Menzis. The goal of this research is to develop an [...]

1511, 2016

QS research blog by Thea Kooiman

Quantified Self is getting more and more attention in healthcare and research. As an Exercise therapist and Human movement scientist, I am interested in physical activity behavior and new technologies that can contribute to increment [...]

2910, 2016

AM RED & QSI join forces for a healthier workplace

The importance of sustainability in the workplace is commonplace nowadays, but not in every sense of the word. Companies in the Netherlands have been actively reducing their carbon footprint by making sure their buildings are energy [...]

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