Convening the World’s Smartest Minds to Tackle Solvable Problems in Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity

Recent data revealed that 14% of US adults have diabetes, 33% of US seniors have diabetes, 38% of US adults have prediabetes, 75% of US men are overweight or obese, and 83% of US seniors have diabetes or prediabetes. Not only are over 30 million people at risk of major health complications, but these largely preventable diseases are costing the US nearly $200 billion per year in direct healthcare spending. We need an integrated, cross-systems approach focused on prevention and behavior change to reverse these trends. Dozens of gatherings are held each year to address various components of this issue, but none have engaged leaders across the healthcare system to produce innovative, effective solutions. That is why The diaTribe Foundation is hosting the first-ever d16: Executive Innovation Lab on Diabetes and Obesity. 

The diaTribe Foundation has access to a vast network of prominent medical professionals, academics, industry leaders, and policy-oriented healthcare experts. But because we believe it is critical to involve thinkers from the entire diabetes ecosystem in meaningful conversation, we also want to engage Silicon Valley tech leaders, government decision makers, educators, urban planners, representatives of the food industry and media, and social impact philanthropists. d16 will be a highly selective gathering of the smartest minds among these various stakeholders in diabetes.

We’re going to transform the dialogue regarding type 2 diabetes. Through productive, interactive workshops and discussion, participants will explore how design thinking can help us tackle diabetes from a systems approach and increase engagement at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Our goal is for participants to articulate a narrative of the diabetes landscape as it stands, identify what stands in our way, and ultimately produce actionable ideas – ideas that will direct much-needed funding into the field of diabetes.