Students of the Honoursminor in Research Skills will present their projects on Tuesday the 31st of January. During the past semester they have been using a plethora of wearables to conduct n-of-1 research. The idea behind this minor is that students are better motivated to learn about statistics and research methods when making the research topic personal. Visitors are welcome to attend the poster presentations.

The Honoursminor in Research Skills allows ambitious students at Hanze UAS to develop their research skills through a self-tracking project of choice. An example of such a project could be the effect of coffee consumption on the quality of sleep. The programma helps students improve their statistics and research skills while getting acquainted with QS. Other great features are the multidisciplinarity of the programme and strong links with various professorships.

The assumption that learning statistics goes more naturally when the research subject is the student him- or herself has been given credence by the literature recently. A study by Jeffrey L. Thayne of Utah State University indicates that using self-data improves statistics learning.

Tuesday the 31st of January from 14.30 – 17.30 at Eyssoniusplein 18 in Groningen (room A129) students of this minor will hold poster presentations of the projects they have been working on for the past five months. Interested people are more than welcome to attend the presentations.