The living lab diabetes at Hanze UAS is working on an app that paves the way for a healthier lifestyle. The lead partner in the project is Tizin. In addition to Tizin, there will be an important role for Tizin Holding: They will take care of the smart big data analysis that is required in this project and market the app together with Tizin once the app is ready.  The Kwadrantgroep and Hanze UAS (Professorship Healthy Ageing, Allied Health Care and Nursing) are the partners responsible for user input and applied research resp.

An IAG4 subsidy from the province of Groningen has been acquired with which the partners can contribute their state-of-the-art knowledge in this living lab in order to create a unique health app called ‘HealthQuest’. Fostering a healthy lifestyle is seen as one of the best ways to combat lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesitas. The involved parties aim to develop an app in which optimising personal motivation regarding behavioural change is central.

HealthQuest has various unique characteristics:

  • It caters to the needs of the individual user, responds accordingly and motivates the user by giving personalised feedback op basis van Big Data analyse
  • Gamification aspects that give the app an entertaining side and involve the user’s surroundings are integrated to spark behavioural change
  • Data control is completely in hands of the user (privacy by design). If needed, users can share their data with other users or interested third parties.

Justing Timmer MSc, junior researcher at Hanze UAS, is project leader and one of our QSI ambassadors.