A delegation of Hanze UAS visited Quantified Self co-founder Gary Wolf in Silicon Valley last month. The delegation visited various tech companies (a.o. Google) and QS initiatives in one of the most, if not the most innovative place in the world. Furthermore, plans regarding QS Europe and a visit by Gary Wolf to Hanze UAS in June were discussed.  

Among the Hanze UAS delegation were member of the board of directors Paul van der Wijk,  director of the Center of Expertise Healthy Ageing Han de Ruiter, Professor New Business & ICT Hugo Velthuijsen and director of the Center of Expertise Energy Jan-Jaap Aué. Next to being the co-founder of the Quantified Self, Gary Wolf is visiting professor at Hanze UAS. Thanks to years of mutually beneficial cooperation between Gary Wolf and the Quantified Self Institute many doors were opened for the delegation during their visit to California.

The next time both parties are set to meet will be in June when Gary Wolf reciprocates with a visit to the Netherlands. Together with a delegation he will come to Groningen, a.o. for the QS Symposium at Hanze UAS on 14 June. On 17 & 18 June they will be in Amsterdam, where the QS Conference 2017 will take place, organized by Mr. Wolf’s company QS Labs.