Contribution to functional, good health


The project is implemented by the Hanze University Groningen (Quantified Self Institute and lectoraat/professorship ‘Praktijkgerichte Sportwetenschap’/‘Kenniscentrum Arbeid’), together with five SMEs from the North of the Netherlands, the fire brigade and the UMCG (‘Centrum voor Revalidatie’ – Centre for Rehabilitation). They cooperate to cooperatively, launch an innovative product-service combination. By working together with the knowledge institutions the SMEs gain access to available knowledge and increase their competitiveness.

During the execution of the project students of the Hanze University will be involved in, among others, testing a prototype and field test in practice. The project duration is two and a half years, until the end of 2017.

Healthy Ageing

Healthy Ageing, life-long healthy life is one of the focal points of North Netherlands and Hanze University Groningen. This particular project will contribute to healthy ageing in the workplace. The average fitness of the population decreases, while the professional requirements remain unchanged or even more strict. Furthermore, the ageing of the working population in the Northern Netherlands due to diminishment and dereliction increases even faster than in other regions. Both developments make it important to pay attention to optimizing the functional fitness required to handle the burden of physically demanding work.