QSI was an initiative of Hanze UAS in collaboration with the California based social enterprise Quantified Self Labs, LLC. Our work was inspired by the Quantified Self community, with a mission to create and share knowledge about tools and methods for self-tracking. From 2012-2017 QSI served a leading role in bridging Quantified Self practices with higher education and applied research.

The QSI Program was directed by Martijn de Groot. Milestones of the QSI program include: the launch of an international Minor Global Health and Quantified Self at Hanze UAS; establishment of a summer school and continuing education program for healthcare and allied professions in Quantified Self; the publication of a focus theme on single-subject research design in Methods of Information in Medicine; several publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals; and many publications in formal and informal media channels including national (Dutch) television & radio, newspapers, journals and blogs. QSI contributed significantly to the development of the Quantified Self community in the Netherlands and internationally. In 2016, Gary Wolf, cofounder of Quantified Self, was appointed as visiting professor and became a regular visitor to the campus for lectures and interactions with students.

The Quantified Self Institute at Hanze UAS ended in 2017. Applied research on Quantified Self has been integrated into the professorship Personalised Digital Health of Dr. Hilbrand Oldenhuis. The educational programmes on Quantified Self are part of several curricula at Hanze UAS.


If you would like to learn more about Quantified Self community, please visit www.quantifiedself.com. Contact: labs@quantifiedself.com.

If you want to learn more about Quantified Self program development in the Netherlands or propose new academic and research collaborations with the Quantified Self community, please contact Martijn de Groot – martijn.degroot@radboudumc.nl

If you are interested in the applied research on Personalised Digital Health or wish to collaborate with Hanze UAS, please visit https://www.hanze.nl/nld/onderzoek/kenniscentra/centrum-ondernemerschap/onderzoek/lectoraten/personalised-digital-health Contact: Hilbrand Oldenhuis – h.k.e.oldenhuis@pl.hanze.nl

If you want to learn more about the Summer School on Global Health and Quantified Self please visit https://www.hanze.nl/nld/onderwijs/gezondheid/academie-voor-gezondheidsstudies/opleidingen/minor/minor-global-health-and-quantified-self Contact: ihs@org.hanze.nl.

We would like to express our grateful appreciation to the leadership of Hanze UAS for assisting the development of this innovative program in health science research and practice and in particular to Han de Ruiter, Trijnie Faber, and Hugo Velthuijsen. We’d also like to express our highest appreciation to Joan Janssens and Martijn Aslander for initiating Quantified Self Institute. We also thank Quantified Self Labs for its permission to use the Quantified Self name during this period. Please feel free to get in touch.

Martijn de Groot                   Gary Wolf