Groningen, 14 February 2017 – Menzis, ENGIE Services, Planon, Measuremen, Health2Work and Hanze UAS are joining forces in the Living Lab Healthy Workplace to develop knowledge & projects that contribute to a healthier work environment. 

Importance of a healthy workplace
Balanced mental pressure in combination with sufficient physical activity and relaxation leads to better performance, healthier employees and less absenteeism. The physical work environment plays a big part in this. Project leader Jan Gerard Hoendervanger of Hanze UAS: ‘A healthy indoor climate prevents complications. A carefully thought-out design of lay-out and decoration promotes healthy behaviour patterns.’ Kristiaan Blokzijl of ENGIE Services: ‘Modern technology (sensors, wearables, apps, e-coaching) can help us understand and improve the interaction between behaviour and environment.’

Living Lab
Healthy Workplace is a remarkable Living Lab, located at Hanze UAS (Kenniscentrum NoorderRuimte). Erik Jaspers of Planon: ‘It is going to be a place where people can work, while we – respecting privacy – collect data about their findings, behaviour, health and environmental conditions.’ These data can be used by the participants themselves to gain insights and change their own behaviour (quantified self). In addition, experiments take place in the Living Lab that research all sorts of products and interventions. Moreover, it will be a place for sharing knowledge where anyone who is interested in these topics is welcome. All the latest developments regarding Healthy Workplace are shared via its website:

Cooperation between the work field, research and education
Professionals, researchers and students of various disciplines are cooperating intensively. Professor Facility Management Mark Mobach: “Healthy Worklpace fits in perfectly with the theme Healthy Buildings, which is part of the Hanze UAS focus area of healthy ageing. There we research among others how health and vitality can be stimulated by the design and decoration of buildings. We are highly excited about working together with Quantified Self Institute and our commercial partners.’ The Living Lab offers Hanze UAS new opportunities for applied research and education. The involved companies want to cater to their customers with products and services of which the effectiveness has been proven. Menzis participates to create added value for people and society: ‘We want to support people in those areas through which they feel more energetic, vital and confident. Both at work and at home. We call this life force.