There is great potential for the use of QS in businesses. For example, nowadays, QS is being used as an innovative health tool by HR departments worldwide. However, government regulations limit to what extent businesses can data gained from tracking employees. How can companies use QS to make sure its staff is healthy and happy without breaking the law? Over the past years, we have gained valuable knowledge regarding a wide variety of such issues. Therefore, we are dedicated to crossing the threshold between the academic and the business world by transferring our knowledge. We do this by advising businesses on QS and giving lectures. Moreover, we offer our services to other educational institutions that aim to develop their own QS curricula and we organize public events.

Do you want to explore the opportunities that QS has to offer your company? Do you need a sparring partner to help you determine if QS is suitable for your needs and to make your QS project a success? We can help. Years of experience in a wide variety of QS projects has taught us what does and what doesn’t work regarding the introduction and management of self-tracking.
In the past years we have succeeded in translating our research into curricula that is embedded in various programmes at Hanze UAS. Now we are educating future health care specialists that know how QS works. Would you like to introduce QS curricula at your school or university (of applied sciences)? We can help with making this a reality. Please contact us for more information.

We gladly share our knowledge about QS methods and tools with businesses, educational and research isntitutions, government agencies etc. Our speakers are well-trained and can be hired for guest lectures, inspiration sessions, workshops and seminars on all QS related matters. Check our agenda to track when and where our speakers are presenting. Want to book one of our experts as a speaker at your event or class? Please contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

Furthermore, we organise public events focused on QS. In June 2016, for example, we organised a QS event in Groningen where QS co-founder Gary Wolf held a public lecture. Furthermore, we support the QS meetup group Groningen, which organises meetups for and by self-trackers. Lastly, we are co-organising the 2017 QS Conference together with QS Labs and plan to hold a symposium for policy makers and industry leaders on QS around the same time. Keep an eye on our agenda to see all our upcoming events.