Quantified Self is alive and kicking at Hanze UAS in Groningen. The past weeks a number of QS related projects have been finalized and new ones started at this Dutch university of applied sciences. And of course the future holds more interesting events. We’ve put some highlights together here for your reading pleasure.  

Healthy ageing is a strategic theme at Hanze UAS. In an ageing society, where healthcare costs are rising, innovations in healthcare are crucial. E-health is widely considered as a set of innovations with great potential, evident when looking at the number of companies and universities embracing it as such. It shouldn’t be surprising then that one of such innovations, Quantified Self (using wearable technology to e.g. measure one’s lifestyle), is being researched and embedded in education at Hanze UAS.

Final Symposium Living lab Active Ageing Diabetes
Living lab Active Ageing Diabetes is one of the projects within Hanze UAS that integrates Quantified Self in its research. One area that has been explored in this living lab since 2013 is how an active lifestyle can be stimulated and implemented in a sustainable manor among people that suffer from (pre)diabetes. Thea Kooiman focusses on Quantified Self devices (activity trackers) and their potential impact on physical activity behavior and health in people who have overweight/obesity or Diabetes type 2. On Thursday 16 March the results were presented during the final symposium of the living lab. It was found among others that the program was, on a group level, not effective in decreasing blood sugar levels (HbA1c); however, for a subgroup who increased minimally 1000 steps per day, the program did improve HbA1c.


Healthcare & Technology
On Tuesday the 14th of March, the School for Health Care Studies organized a Healthcare & Technology symposium for students to update their knowledge on the latest in e-health. Quantified Self Institute ambassadors Miriam van Ittersum and Martijn de Groot were among the contributing speakers.


Minor Global Health & Quantified Self
Tuesday, March 21, students from the Minor in Global Health & Quantified Self received a wide variety of devices from dr. Martijn de Groot which will be used for a number of n-of-1 research projects in the coming months. During the minor these students are challenged to quantify themselves and look for possible relations between their own behaviour and certain health variables. Activity trackers, sleep trackers and other wearables will be used in their quest for finding personal meaning in their personal data.

What’s next?
Wednesday, 14th of June, Quantified Self Symposium will take place. During the symposium teachers and researchers of Hanze UAS and QSI will share the latest findings regarding Quantified Self. Furthermore, students of the minor Global Health & Quantified Self will present a number of n-of-1 research projects. for more information please visit the QS Symposium page.