Quantified Self Institute
Hanze University of Applied Sciences
Zernikeplein 11, Room D2.35
9747 AS Groningen
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0)50 595 7770
Email: info@qsinstitute.com

Margreet Schurer
Margreet SchurerProgramme Manager
Margreet Schurer MSc is the Programme Manager of QSI. She is a Senior Project Manager with over 15 years of international experience in Higher Education and the linking pin between businesses, governmental organisations and end-users.
Martijn de Groot
Martijn de GrootResearch Director
Dr. Martijn de Groot is co-founder and Director of the Quantified Self Institute and has worked for QSI since its launch in 2012. His scientific research and higher education activities are about personalized digital health with a focus on personalized science and self-tracking for healthy ageing.
Henk Hindriks
Henk HindriksTechnology & Education Liaison
Henk is Technology & Education Liaison and brings many years of technical experience to the table at QSI. His strong network within the manufacturing industry, in particular of wearable technologies, provides QSI with valuable information on the producer side.
Agnes Boekema
Agnes BoekemaProgramme Support
Agnes helps the organisation behind QSI run smoothly, assisting the team with a wide variety of matters.
Jolanda Drenth
Jolanda DrenthBusiness Liaison
Jolanda supports QSI in its efforts to connect with local, national and international businesses.
Mitchell Dröge
Mitchell DrögeCommunications Officer
Mitchell is responsible for marketing and communications within the QSI team.